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Peanut for radio amateurs by PA7LIM

Since the end of 2018 there is an app called Penaut. This app contains a couple of local rooms and D-Star reflectors, the local rooms are in HD quality, the D-Star reflectors are transcoded by AMBEservers.

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My favorite mode.

Started with D-Star in 2017, and it become my favorite mode of all. Working with hotspots or direct to PI1BOZ, mostly QRV on XLX088B , XLX088T and DCS007P.

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Hotspots i use.

Hotspots i use are:

DVmega singleband gio port Raspberry

DVmega dualband on Arduino uno

DV4Mini , latest MMDVM

Openspot 1

MMDVM Jumbospot

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BlueDV and the AMBE3000 stick

The AMBE3000 USB stick can be used as a server for D-Star, DMR and Fusion. It’s quite easy to set it up on a Windows machine. Me personaly am using the AMBEservers on a raspberry PI. Transcoding with 3 servers for the Peanut app.

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